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Make time for the things that matter for your small business using Google Workspace

Make time for the things that matter for your small business using Google Workspace

Small businesses are the Backbone of the global economy whether it’s an established family-run business out of a storefront or an entrepreneur just starting out in their home office. We created tailored Google Workspace plans to address the specific needs of small businesses, with tools that help you with everyday tasks like scheduling appointments and emailing customers so you have more time to spend connecting with your customers and focusing on the work that matters. 

With Workspace, we make it easy for you to focus on what matters most connecting with your customers and creating experiences that delight them, all while keeping your data safe. You can manage everything in one place, using familiar apps that integrate with your other business tools. And you can move fast when you use Workspace we’ve built AI-powered features like auto-summaries in Docs and Chat, suggestions and smart fill in Sheets, as well as auto-transcriptions and noise cancellation in Meet, to help you save time and get more done.

Here are five ways Workspace can help you start or run your business:

1. Build a trusted brand. Having a strong brand is critical to the success of your business every detail is an opportunity to build trust and credibility with your customers. Workspace is packed with features that enable you to build your brand at every turn. You can give all your employees a custom, professional email address like sara@yourcompany.com. From any email address you create, you can use mail-merge in Gmail to email customers in bulk and keep them up to date about your latest products. Plus you can customize your emails using professional layouts for newsletters, promotions and reports with your preferred brand colors, photos and logos. You can do all your email marketing in one place in Gmail, while celebrating and reinforcing your brand.

2. Bring your ideas to life. We know that you and your partners are always coming up with ideas to grow your business. Google Docs, Sheets and Slides make it easy to collaborate with each other and those outside of your business. Plus, when you’re brainstorming, smart prompts from Google help move your ideas along so you can quickly act on them. Everyone can work in the same Doc at the same time and even join meetings directly from a Doc, on any device. You can see edits made in real time, respond to and resolve comments, with all changes automatically saved to your Drive. And since collaboration and creativity can happen any time, you can share ideas with one person or the whole team using Google Chat, whenever inspiration strikes.

3. Show up like a pro. Whether you’re taking a meeting from a coffee shop on your mobile device or from home on your laptop, you can have uninterrupted conversations with premium video features in Google Meet. Meet uses AI and machine learning to block out background noise and echo, while automatically adjusting your lighting so you can look and sound your best even when your environment isn’t ideal. Plus, you can make calls more engaging by using polls, breakout rooms and emoji reactions. And you can be fully present in your conversation and not have to take copious notes — simply record your meeting or turn on automatic transcriptions so that you can reference the discussion later on. With Workspace you get so much more out of your meetings.

4. Easily schedule touchpoints with your customers. As a business owner, time is your most precious resource. If you’ve ever felt like managing and scheduling appointments is a headache, you’re going to love Workspace’s Calendar features. With Google Calendar, you can set up appointment booking so anyone you’re working with can see when you are available and quickly schedule time with you, avoiding double bookings. If your customers need to book appointments with you, they can specify what type of appointment they’re making whether it’s a consultation, follow-up, or a first time visit so you know exactly how to help them. You can do all of your scheduling right from Workspace, whether you’re on your phone, tablet or laptop.

5. Be confident that your and your customers’ information is private and secure. When you’re focused on building your dream, the last thing you want to worry about is the security of your users and your data. Google Workspace is built with powerful defenses that put the power of Google AI to work on your behalf to automatically stop the majority of online threats before they happen.  As soon as you get started with our tools and apps, you are protected no matter what device you’re using. Gmail blocks more than 99.9% of spam, phishing messages, and malware from ever reaching users’ inboxes. Plus, you can get help quickly if you need it chat with an expert and use tips from our online support guides.

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